Mastering Work Gloves

The most important accessory for work is gloves , without them you can not perform properly . Until few years ago, there was limited collection on what we were able to pick . Only stiff but durable leather , for mechanical risk and PVC dipped gloves for handling chemicals. The on going demand for thin , in order have the ability to touch and high durable gloves , made the manufacturer to adapt new materials. knitted fabrics and artificial leather were among them.

The main issue in E.U. countries, was the ability to recognize, the end user and also inspection authorities , what kind of gloves, they will buy or are using, in any kind  of application. The E.U. established a norm EN 388 that gives you the ability, in one look, to recognize all of its characteristics.Below I place a board of explanation


On the next link you can find many of the above gloves in good quality


steel-foundry-thermal-gloves-SINERGOThe Thermal protection is the next level of protection . In some cases , like welding , there is also an interest of insulation against heat . The Norm that E.U. established for that reason was EN 407, below is the board of thermal protection.

worker using torch cutter to cut through metal



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Winter has arrived !

Rain jacket with detachable bodywarmer Cloverfield

With our Cloverfield you get a 4 in 1 jacket you can wear all year round. A body warmer, a nice and warm blouson, a light and breathable rain jacket that all together become a sturdy winter jacket that protects you from the harshest weather conditions. All of its components can be attuned to your corporate identity.



Siopor ultra: 100% polyester fabric with 100% PU coating; ± 195 g/m²


Combined with

Rain trouser Tomar

100 % waterproof / Windproof / Highly breathable / Water repellent outer fabric / Moisture attracting coating on the inside / Very comfortable / Supple / High tear resistance



Ultimate MMA Inverter Welding Machine !

Imagine that you want to weld something in a remote location and the only power source is a Generator , not a big one because you can’t carry it , let’s say 7 kW. The required Amps are 200 in order to weld 10mm of thickness, that means 5 mm stick electrode . The humidity of the performed construction site is quite big , so you need a hot start and also would be perfect to weld , without your electrode sticking on the seam . Is it possible also to leave the generator on the truck or close to it and spread a power cable of 100 m ?

We have searched and found such welding machine at the website of PAM Ltd a company in Greece that trades top quality machines and tools , the GYSMI E 200 FV031210 It is made in France by GYS and according to the manufacturer it can work both 110V and 230 V and  in 1 hour it can weld 24 electrodes of 5 mm. The most outstanding is the price . Only 392,21€ with the VAT 24%!!!

Muffs with Microphones


Imagine that you are controlling a machine or you are close to a source that produces so much noise , makes it impossible to communicate with anyone. This not only a set back in production but potential situation for an accident. The solution comes from an electronic muff , a product of Hellberg from Sweden. React has two microphones that are enhancing speech , warning signals and useful sound. The harmful noise is canceled , by the two speakers equipped inside the muff , that produce opposite noise.
Another benefit is that has socket , in which you can plug any external source of sound like radio , mp3 player , communication systems e.t.c.

You can find it at the following address REACT Hellberg

Is protection in work expensive?


Consider this . How much is worthing the hands and legs , yours , your coworkers , your employees or then again their lives ? How much are you willing to pay for not loosing , good staff ? How much are you willing to pay for better efficiency ? How much for better working environment ? How much for professional looks ? The answer is easy – priceless .

Imagine that you can find a shoe that is light with full protection and also that you can wear it 4 seasons  at any latitude or altitude .

We found it at SIN+ERGO Ltd

A High S3 boot  with VIBRAM POLAR outsole  heat resistant (300 °C for 35 sec) and also perfect grip on snow or frozen terrain , with lining inside that will protect you at -17 °C .

A membrane called outdry is literally a respiratory device that is removing internal moisture (sweat)  from the boot so that you will be able to wear it in hot environments .

At a staggering weight of 840 gr only and an amazing price of 122 euros with VAT of 24%


Empire Safety shoe by SIXTON