Mastering Work Gloves

The most important accessory for work is gloves , without them you can not perform properly . Until few years ago, there was limited collection on what we were able to pick . Only stiff but durable leather , for mechanical risk and PVC dipped gloves for handling chemicals. The on going demand for thin , in order have the ability to touch and high durable gloves , made the manufacturer to adapt new materials. knitted fabrics and artificial leather were among them.

The main issue in E.U. countries, was the ability to recognize, the end user and also inspection authorities , what kind of gloves, they will buy or are using, in any kind  of application. The E.U. established a norm EN 388 that gives you the ability, in one look, to recognize all of its characteristics.Below I place a board of explanation


On the next link you can find many of the above gloves in good quality


steel-foundry-thermal-gloves-SINERGOThe Thermal protection is the next level of protection . In some cases , like welding , there is also an interest of insulation against heat . The Norm that E.U. established for that reason was EN 407, below is the board of thermal protection.

worker using torch cutter to cut through metal



End of part 1


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